USTC360  2014 re-branding & video post-production

After working 5 years as the production designer for the DaAi TV program, US Tzu Chi 360, the show producer requested a rebranding for the new season in 2014. I collaborated with designer Bug Wang once again to redefine this program that documents volunteer efforts of Tzu Chi Foundation and other nonprofit organizations in the United States and abroad.   


We kept the circular concept of the original logo, but refined the ovals into 1 perfectly round circle. We chose the color teal, a mix of blue and green (representational colors of the organization) to further illustrate different people gathering through the organization and uniting for the common good. 

 logo animation

logo animation

US Tzu Chi 360 Opening Title Sequence

Music Composed by: Dana Kaproff

Sound Design by: Yahel Dooley

Ending Credits:

Music Composed by: Dave Donner

Click here to see the new season of US Tzu Chi 360.